Custom Putters

Giannini—the finest putting instrument you’ll ever own.

We resolutely believe that once you place a Giannini putter in your hands, you’ll feel the difference. From the beautifully balanced milling on the face, and perfect weight through the stroke, to the sensation of solid contact, it’s why Giannini is the putter of choice for so many golf enthusiasts and tour professionals.

Custom Putter Questions? Speak to Kenny: (817)304-3717

Putt with confidence, and watch your scores drop.

Still thinking about that 3-footer you missed on the weekend? We get it. Missing putts not only impacts your scorecard, it chips away at your confidence. That slippery slope of hitting and hoping on the putting green.

Now, imagine a pressure putt in a tournament and confidently pulling your putter out of your bag, knowing you’ve got this. And imagine that putter is custom built for you by Kenny Giannini. A precision, one-of-a-kind putter built just for you by the craftsman himself.

Own a one-of-a-kind Custom Giannini Putter.

Handmade in America by Kenny Giannini, choose the head, neck and finish that fits your game. Traditional or mallet? Center or offset neck? Black oxide or platinum finish? During your online Custom Putter fitting—live on the phone with Kenny—he will guide you through the options and even stamp it to make it your own.

Crafted exclusively for you starting from $650*, it’s the best investment you’ll make in your golf game.