All Left-handed Putters on Sale! $265 each

If you're left handed this is a great deal. Regularly $365. Now on sale for $265!*

$265 each - $100 off regular price

2 putters for $500 - $230 off regular price

3 putters, one of each style for $600 - $495 off regular price

Kenny will no longer be making Left-handed putters,
so if you're left handed and want one of Kenny's hand made putters,
now is the time to purchase.

Call Kenny today at (817) 304-3717

*Shipping and tax not included

Care of Black Oxide Finish Putters

Care of Black Oxide Finish Putters

giannini legacy milled putters

The Black Oxide Putter finish is the same as gun barrel.

It will rust if not taken care of properly.

Important! Always wipe the putter down after use.

For the best care apply a even coat of mineral oil weekly or monthly and wipe off all excess.

Apply mineral oil especially after the has been used in wet weather.

If rust does occur: take a fine bear tax pad and swipe the affected area.
Then apply Birchwood Casey Perma Blue Follow instructions.

Then make sure to apply mineral oil and wipe off excess.

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