Kenny Giannini Playing Golf Holding His Putter

Custom Golf Putters Are A Game-changer

As the old golf saying goes, “It all comes down to the short strokes.” Putting is what separates the average golf players from the pros. It’s what clinches club championships, wins matches, and drops handicaps. Having the right putter is crucial to the success of the best golfers.

You’ve invested in your driver, which you’ll hit 14 times during an average round. Yet you’ll use your putter 36 times. Hopefully less, because lowering your scores is the goal, right? Which makes your putter the most important club in your bag.

Since 1987, Kenny Giannini has been changing the way golfers think about putters. Crafted in a traditional head and milled from one piece of the finest quality solid one-piece, carbon steel, Giannini Putters deliver an unmatched, balanced feel with effortless topspin and roll.

Over 75 worldwide tour wins later, Giannini’s Legacy Putter line and coveted Custom Putters have attracted quite a fan base. Whether you’re a golf professional or just getting started, experience what makes Giannini such a game-changer.

Legacy Kenny Giannini Golf Putters
Custon Kenny Giannini Golf Putters
Giannini Golf Putter

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